Key Security Features To Have

For any place, personal or business, there are several key security features that should be in place to be able to say that they are secure. These are not the basic, but security features that are adequate for any place. This list is not a holistic list of all the possible security measures, however this list covers the key security features that any place should have.

Intrusion Detection Systems

For any place an intrusion detection system is a valuable asset. These in most cases are liked to local police stations and can be silent or very audible and visible alarms. For personal homes, home security are more suited as this will help scare criminals away and help avoid any violent altercations with the criminals. Additionally a loud alarm system will alert the neighbors too to your distress and get the back up you need. For a business or to places where it is preferred to capture the criminals in the act, a silent alarm system is the way to go. These would normally be linked to the security response team.

Access Alarm Pads

Access control systems connected to alarm requiring a passcode to enter are a basic and easy to implement security feature. These features have a range of complexity such as requiring a access tag before the pin can be entered. In these systems the strength likes in the strength of the keyphrase. The longer and more complex it is the harder it becomes for a criminal to guess the phrase. Additionally avoid using birthday or other numbers related to the family or business. Using a random set of numbers will make the phrase the desired level of difficulty.

Eyes and Ears

The next basic security feature needed for any business or personal home are cameras. These ideally should be monitored by you or your security team. These cameras give the ability to prosecute a criminal and if monitored, act as a intrusion detection system. Security cameras also act as a good deterrent to keep criminals at bay because they are so distinct and easily recognizable. However this acts as a disadvantage since if criminals can see the cameras they can manure to avoid being seen properly by the camera. The ideal solution would be to have clearly visible cameras and also several hidden cameras that would ideally be the main method to identify the criminals. Implementing these forms of security measures will give a person or businesses a sufficient level of security. Using these security features with varying levels of complexity you can increase the security level while still in essence using the above mentioned security features only.